Examinations, inspections in ports 
Pre-loading inspection in ports. 
Determination of radioactivity level of all kinds of cargoes. 
Determination of explosion safety of metal scrap. 
Determination of quantity, moisture content and code of timber. 
Determination of a cargo quantity according to draught. 
Excess weight control. 
Sampling and different kinds of laboratory research. 
Determination of quality, quantity and completeness of goods and appraisement thereof. 
Laboratory research of the agricultural products quality in the laboratory office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 
Expert conclusion of goods produced from a contractor`s raw material; 
Examination of drafts. 
Judicial examination. 
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Expert control examination. 
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Assessment of property and land 
Assessment of real estate; 
Assessment of machines and equipment. 
Assessment of entire ownership complexes, shares, securities, ownership rights. 
Assessment of non-material actives. 
Determination of hypothecation value and reassessment of fixed asset. 
Assessment of motor vehicles. 
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Assessment of land for determination of land-tax size, lease (rent) charges, assessment at buy-out or purchase-sale of land, and etc.; 
Consulting in the land matters 
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