Tourism and recreation

Recreation in the Nikolaev region means sand beaches of the Black Sea resorts, still lakes and gorges of Yuzhny Bug, warm climate and mineral waters, and therapeutic mud of firths.
The Nikolaev region counts about 250 sanatoriums and boarding houses, 120 territories and places of the natural-reserved fund, regional landscape parks, and about 19 parks. Rushy places and virgin steppe, granite rocks and relic groves, - all those are natural reserved Nikolaev Region.
Within the season the Nikolaev region receive more than half a million of tourists and holiday-makers. The most famous are Koblevo and Ochakov resorts, the regional park “Kinburnskaya Kosa” (Kinburn spit), where green tourism being actively developed.
Koblevo is the biggest resort at the Black Sea coast of the Nikolaev region. It counts more than a hundred boarding houses and recreation centres. The town of Ochakov is a climatic health resort rich in historical point of interest: the Suvorov museum, the remains of the Turkish fortress Aci-Cale, and etc.
33 km far from Ochakov there is a famous ancient Greek city-state Olvia situated. It was founded by the colonists from Milet in the VI century B.C. Here the national archeological park was formed; there is also a museum working, a scientific library, permanent archeological field party.
The Nikolaev Zoo attracts the most attention of tourists in the regional centre. The zoo is one of the best in Ukraine. It was founded about 100 hundred years ago. 350 species of animals are collected there. You can also visit a museum and an arboretum.
The only one in the country Museum of Shipbuilding and Navy is situated in Nikolaev as well. It is located in the former house of the Black Sea Fleet Commander, a wonderful example of early classicism of the XVIII century.

Among Nikolaev places of interest one can’t help mentioning the oldest observatory on the North Black Sea coast, founded in 1821; the Vereshchagin Museum of Arts, the Yacht-club, first in Ukraine, built in the 18th century, the wonderful St. Mikhail’s temple in the Pelageevsky nunnery.